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The Atonement of God: Building Your Theology on a Crucivision of God (English Edition) Kindle Edition

By reading this book, you will learn to see God in a whole new light. You will also learn to see yourself in a whole new light, and learn to live life in a whole new way.

The book begins with a short explanation of the various views of the atonement, including an explanation and defense of the „Non-Violent View“ of the atonement. This view argues that God did not need or demand the death of Jesus in order to forgive sins. In fact, God has never been angry with us at all, but has always loved and always forgiven.

Following this explanation of the atonement, J. D. Myers takes you on a journey through 10 areas of theology which are radically changed and transformed by the Non-Violent view of the atonement.

The ten areas that you will understand in a whole new way are:

  1. The Life of Jesus Christ
  2. God
  3. Scripture
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Humanity
  6. Sin
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Justice
  9. Violence
  10. Peace

Read this book, and let your life and theology look more and more like Jesus Christ!

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